I bought a Lumix f/1.7 25mm prime (H-H025), to use with my OM-D E10.3

When fully open on a bright sunny day, with the ISO set to 200 my shutter speed flashes at 4000 to indicate it's out of range. If I drop the EV down to -1 the images are still washed out/overexposed.

Other than going back a few stops until I get an acceptable shutter speed, what else can I do to ensure a good level of exposure, and a sweet sweet bokeh?

Should I be going all the way down to -5 EV? And if I do, what (if any) side-effects will that have on image quality/sharpness on the focal point?


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If you're already at your maximum shutter speed, and your lowest ISO, and you don't want to reduce your aperture, then you might try adding an ND filter. Or wait for (or create) lower-light conditions.

  • ND filter is a good idea, I'll look into that. Thank you. May 20, 2021 at 19:12

You could try switching to electronic shutter, then you can probably achive a faster shutter speed of 16000.

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