The title says it all.

A sub-question: does anyone still honor the Agfa Scala processing mailers sold by Color Reflections ?

P.S. I have one such mailer, that anyone here is welcome to, in the unlikely event that it has any use. (Best I can tell, Color Reflections doesn't do anything with film anymore, barely with photography).


Not only can Agfa Scala be processed as negatives in a wide selection of conventional developers, Adox has recently released a Scala reversal kit that will allow you to produce B&W diapositives from nearly any B&W film, including Agfa and Adox branded Scala materials (this works best with films having a clear base, like Scala, Foma R100, and a few others).

Beyond that, I have personally processed B&W diapositives with a home process using Dektol as the first developer, a potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid bleach (hazardous material! I'd recommend potassium permanganate or copper sulfate as alternative bleaches), and HC-110 as second developer, with light exposure for reversal. I got good results with Tri-X (1990s vintage film, processed in 2005); I expect I'd have had better results with a film designed to be reversed.


Where are you located? It can be processed as negatives. If you want slides, DR5 have their own reversal process for B&W film including Agfa Scala. I don't think any lab is running the original Scala process anymore.

I'd contact Color Reflections about the mailers. I can't see why anyone would honour them now though. They are essentially just a coupon, and coupons don't have indefinite validity.

  • Thanks. I was mostly just curious, having found a mailer lying around. May 7 at 4:30

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