I have a b&w photo that seems to have been impacted by sunlight. It’s not an overall yellow cast, but lots of imperfections. I have photoshop, and although not an experienced user, I have some knowledge of the basics such as healing brush. I get a little lost on layers and stuff. Could someone point me in the right direction of the best steps / YouTube videos etc to try and get back to b&w. Ideally I’d like to print it again. It’s my late father in the picture and it’s one of my favourites.image attached for reference. Many thanks

  • It sounds simple, but you could try just scanning it as mono/ black & white, instead of colour?
    – Alastair
    Apr 21 at 8:42
  • Thanks Alastair, it would still have all the discoloured ‘damage’, around elbows, and hand it would just be a different colour. I know I could sit and manually heal/replace which I will try, but it’s a lot to fix, and was just wondering if there are tricks in PS that work magic!
    – ClaireMac
    Apr 21 at 10:09

If you select PhotoShop's 'Image -> Adjustments -> Black and White' menu you'll be able to get rid of the color information. You can also go to 'Image -> Mode -> Grayscale' and convert, although that gives you less control. Here's a quick pass with greyscale, a little contrast, and a little sharpening. You may want to do more to get rid of the various imperfections...

enter image description here

  • Thanks Bob, I’ve looked so much at this image, that the obvious escaped me. Seeing what you’ve done (and I know another person commented about scanning as b&w), should help with healing as the yellow colour is out of the way. Will definitely try your suggestion, on getting rid of colour info. I may just have to patiently work my way through healing the imperfections manually.
    – ClaireMac
    Apr 21 at 10:21

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