I am looking for an easy way to add locate and add GPS data to JPG files on a Mac running OS Catalina.

I would like the photo data to be able to be recognized in iPhone picture maps and location search. I do not use Photos or aperture app.



You can use geotag software. This is java software and should run on your Mac machine.

  1. Load photos (drag and drop may work)
  2. In case of need you can adjust time/timezone of photos
  3. Then File->Load tracks from file
  4. Select images you want to write location
  5. Right click, Save new location->Selected images

I figured out how to do it in adobe Lightroom. I add my photos to my LR catalogue by importing them to the catalogue. Go to the map portion of the program - the photos will stay displayed in the filmstrip on the bottom of the screen. In the map search bar at top, type in where the photo was taken then the map comes up in the window. I select the photos I want to mark then drag and drop them where I want them on the map. That populates the gps field with coordinates. I them save the metadata to the files, command S I believe on Mac, and that's it. tks all! UPDATE:

So unfortunately I did not have good luck so far w/ LR. The pics I have to work on are old and have basically no metadata showing except for the date taken, or as Finder shows it, Content Created. I add the photos to the LR catalog and make my location changes. As soon as I save the metadata to file, the Created and Modified dates change to the date of the metadata update in the Mac Finder and Get Info panels. Also, the only way I could get the Date Created field in LR to stick was to apply the date by using a Custom Preset entry. Each time I did the date change either on Add or added it after the addition to the LR catalog, it did not stay.


In the Photos app which comes with all Macs, you can select the photo and click the info icon (circle with an i in it or else type CMD-i) and then edit the meta data including adding location data. In fact, you can select multiple photos and edit the location for the group. I haven't tested it, but I'm assuming you can then export the pictures as JPEG and the location info will remain.

enter image description here

  • tks. I had a typo above, I put iPhoto but meant photos app. I dont use it. – Stumped Apr 9 at 19:43
  • But you could use it to set the location info. No one says you have to store your images in it permanently. – Eric S Apr 9 at 23:46
  • no. I said I don't use it. so I cant use a program to do something if I don't use it. why would I want to learn a new program ive never used and don't understand to potentially change my file formats or whatever if I don't use it in the 1st place only to have to potentially use it then have to export all the photos out of it ? – Stumped Apr 10 at 21:06
  • @Stumped - "Suggestions?" I suggest, Instead of telling us what software you are unwilling to learn, you tell us what software you actually HAVE and/or ARE willing to learn. Informed answers require informed questions. – Alaska Man Apr 10 at 22:32
  • 1
    @Stumped The reason no one suggested LR is that it requires a paid subscription and would be massive overkill unless you already had it. – Eric S Apr 12 at 2:00

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