I'm not very good in Photoshop tools, can someone help me to understand;

Is changing of width and height of smart object image by using free transform, OR resizing the image, the same thing?

If I change the width and height of smart object image with free transform in Photoshop will it automatically rebuild the image with a new number of pixels just like if I resize the image with the resize image function in Photoshop?

  • Maybe making two copies of a picture, trying one technique on each and then exporting might show any differences. – Bob Macaroni McStevens Apr 3 at 19:54

From a quick check that I have made:

  • When resizing an image, with the image>image size menu option, you actually change the canvas size WITH the image size.
  • However, when using free transform, you change JUST THE IMAGE.

In both cases, if the image is a smart object, you retain the original image resolution and information. I made sure of the last point by simply using the menu image size dialog to minify an 4000x4000 image to a 200x200 and back, and lost no information.

Bottom line, both are valid, depending on what you want to do with the rest of the canvas.

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