I've moved all the photos from my phone to PC (something that I did multiple times along the years from multiple phones) and the date taken is different from the actual date or doesn't exist at all (the only properties that exist is date created and date modified). What I want to do is to change/add "Date taken" based on the name of the photos because the name always contains the proper date in formats like these: "Screenshot_2019-02-22_131421" or "IMG_20190523_113412" or "IMG-20160301-WA0002"


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Using ExifTool, the command you want to use is listed in ExifTool FAQ #5
exiftool "-alldates<filename" /path/to/files/

This command creates backup files. Add -overwrite_original to suppress the creation of backup files. Add -r to recurse into subdirectories.

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