I started using affinity photo, but I can't find 3 eyedropper tools like photoshop (shadow, middle, highlight). They are in the curve section.
If somebody knows there is like this function in Affinity photo, please tell me.

enter image description here

How do they use? → https://youtu.be/SoWefQNcIyY?t=157
When some picture wants to adjust to other picture, it's very useful.


I don't know what the 3 eyedropper tools do in PhotoShop, but there is the "Picker" tool in Affinity. Using this, you can click the image, drag up/down to increase/decrease that particular tonal area.

Picker in Affinity Photo Curves

  • youtu.be/SoWefQNcIyY?t=153 ◀you can see how to use these 3 eyedroppers. When some picture want to adjust to other picture, its very useful. I think it's impossible to use "Picker" of affinity photo
    – kazon
    Mar 8 at 19:37
  • The 3 droppers are for white point, black point, and white balance.
    – Rafael
    Aug 8 at 6:22

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