How can the glare from the sun in the upper right part of this photo be removed using Gimp?

sun glare

  • The technique to do it is by increasing local contrast… but I can't see a way to do that in Gimp. I tried it in Photoshop using mainly Dehaze then Burned the highlights locally & finally Sharpened the trees to the right [settings on 'kill' to emphasise everything] . I hope someone can figure an equivalent for Gimp. Example - i.stack.imgur.com/WMK4c.jpg – Tetsujin Feb 27 at 18:03
  • When you say "local' contrast, do you mean that only a selected part of the image is affected? And if so, how do you select that part? – Al Lelopath Feb 27 at 19:10
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    Local contrast is adjusting micro-tonalities between otherwise similar areas. Exaggerating the differences. You could try to mask out an area, but as most of the image suffers the same issue, I didn't bother for the example above. – Tetsujin Feb 28 at 9:03
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    For the future, it is easier to remove lens flares with a lens hood than with Gimp. When I find myself “saving” pictures, I assume my limitations are when I press the shutter not when I sit at the computer. – Bob Macaroni McStevens Feb 28 at 15:23
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    If you've got no lens hood, hold your hand up to shade it. – Tetsujin Feb 28 at 17:48

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