Which cheap camera fits better for taking a macro photos of static objects: PCB boards, electronic chips, various small hardware? Basically, the camera will be fixed on a copy stand. I'm considering Sony CyberShot DSC-W800 vs Canon IXUS 185. These are very similar models, although Canon IXUS 185 seems to be a little newer. Which from them has a better sensor?

  • Are you looking only at compacts? Do you know what reproduction ratio you need? Or do you just need close focusing? – xiota Feb 23 at 0:35
  • Only compacts, yes. Not sure about ratio, just close focusing. For example, PCB board 15x10 cm: I need take top view of whole board, and also may need close-up view of selected areas, say 1x1 cm or 2x2 cm. – triwo Feb 23 at 0:52
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    Most compact cameras have a "macro" mode that would be good enough for the shot of the whole board, but not for the "close up view of selected areas". You'd need to shoot through something like a close-up filter, magnifying glass, or dissection scope. – xiota Feb 23 at 3:30
  • Canon IXUS 185 have 1 cm the Closest Focusing Distance In Macro mode: isn't that enough for taking a close up view of small areas without additional lupes or filters? – triwo Feb 23 at 11:25
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    Even with the lens that close, it might still image an area larger than 2x2 cm. Lighting with the lens that close would also be challenging. – xiota Feb 23 at 13:06

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