Which external GPS logger can I connect to the Panasonic Lumix G9 for real time geotagging without a smartphone?

With external GPS logger, I mean devices like

  • Qstarz GPS BT-Q1000XT
  • TSI GL-770
  • ...

Currently I use a Garmin GPSMap to track the position and tag the photos offline while post processing the exif tags with Digikam and similar tools on Linux.

Is there a specific protocol which the GPS logger needs to support?

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    When you say "connect", do you mean via USB, or Bluetooth, or...? Also, do you have reason to believe the G9 supports external GPS loggers without a smartphone? The G9 manual doesn't mention "GPS", and none of the references to "USB" mention anything except for charging or PC sync. – scottbb Feb 9 at 2:21
  • @scottbb I've read about GPS, geotagging and Bluetooth for the G9 and for GPS devices an expected that there is a link. Now I realize that it might be impossible... – Jonas Stein Feb 9 at 19:20

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