I have a Praktica M60 26mm Glass Lens camera and the battery ran out and i had to change it. when putting in new batteries, it won't work. any suggestions? i can't wind the film and it says 0 (backwards C)! help! i've tried many different batteries.


It's not the batteries. The film needs to be removed for the camera to reset. I believe that camera has auto rewind so it will have to be opened in a darkbox or darkroom and the film will need to be manually pulled out and rewound back into the cassette. If you have a local camera ahop you should ask them to do it because these point n click cameras will often lock the advance/rewind gears. An experienced lab worker can remove the film saefly. The camera should work fine after you load another roll. If you don't have a lab near you let me know and I'll gladly rescue your film for you.

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