I am going through MANY old family slides, editing with extreme prejudice, and scanning. I'm going to have nearly 100 empty Kodak Carousel trays (both 80-slide and 140-slide varieties), and I'm not sure what to do with them.

Have offered them on eBay for just the cost of shipping; neighborhood forsale lists; called local camera shops. I am at wit's end. I've heard that even recycling isn't so great, because of the metal parts and because that very hard plastic doesn't recycle well.

Any ideas ?

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    This isn't really a photographic problem. You have some waste to get rid of. I would suggest asking your local municipal waste authority how to discard of them. Unless a charity/thrift shop will take them? Reuse and recycling are good...but sometimes we're left with no alternatives. – osullic Jan 21 at 23:52
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    @RustyShackleford Maybe they can be disposed of as electronic waste? I hope you're not discarding the slides after scanning. – xiota Jan 22 at 1:18
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    While it is something some photographers might have insight on dealing with, it's not something photographers would be expected to have expertise in. Another option is to put up a "for free" listing on craigslist or equivalent. Maybe someone could use them in a DIY project or something. – xiota Jan 22 at 19:26
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    Contact Film Photography Project and ask if they have any use for them. – xiota Jan 25 at 18:17

It seems you've exhausted the possibilities of getting them re-used for their original purpose.

So it's a simple rubbish-disposal problem. Talk to your refuse collector. Yes, it would be nice if everything could be re-cycled. Maybe one day! You've done what you can, no need to beat yourself up over it.

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