I have established a vast photo collection over the past years. I did not always thoroughly delete bad shots before putting them onto my drive. I am looking for an approach (software, script, filters) to detect highly overexposed (virtually white) und underexposed (virtually black) pictures in my collection.

I have not found anything useful so far apart from this discussion.

However, it seems that the proposed script there does not work with newer versions of Photoshop.

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    Note that such a script will fail you on intentionally high key or low key shots. – OnBreak. Jan 18 at 20:55
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    I expect that ImageMagick can perform analysis that can be used as the basis for identifying images of interest and is a good candidate for an early element in a command line pipe. It has a “histogram” feature that might be a starting point. However, a “light table” approach is worth considering simply because this is a one time operation and the images are quickly identifiable visually. – Bob Macaroni McStevens Jan 19 at 6:43
  • How vast is the collection? – Bob Macaroni McStevens Jan 19 at 6:44
  • the collection contains several thousand photos in different folders. my computer is too old and too slow to go through the folders manually. i think the hint with imagemagick is promising. I'm currently looking into it – Mike Jan 21 at 11:07

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