I need to photograph a painting for archival purposes. It has some texture, but not a lot. I have a linear PF for my lens, but I think I need the LPF sheets/gels to go over the strobes.

Question: Do I use basic reflectors or barn doors and attach the filter sheet over one of those to get rid of glare?


Do I use a softbox? (I guess with a softbox you can not use LPF?)


I'm a professional artist, and I photograph my paintings by using a daylight LED lamp above the easel pointing down on the painting, and the camera higher than the painting and angled down. This removes all the glare from texture and/or varnish. I then use perspective control in Photoshop to adjust the image back to its correct perspective. Hope this helps.


You should attach the Linear polarizer filter gels to the flash, ideally with barndoors. This will achieve the maximum effect. You may have to change their angle, as you do to the camera's circular polarizer.

You can not put the light source with a polarizer into a softbox nor bounce it off of a surface as doing so will alter the polarization once again, returning glare properties.

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