I just found an Olympus Mju-1 which wasn't used for more than 10 years. After that, I have dropped it once from a height of around 80cm. Then, I bought a new battery and put inside, it still can turn on and seems like all good, but I'm not sure it still functions well or not. So, I just left the battery inside and kept it, because I can't find any film in stores near me. Then recently, after maybe 4 months, I went to try to use it and realised it doesn't turn on. But the new battery inside didn't rupture, and the compartment is all clean.

My question is, do you think the camera will work if I change to a new battery? If not, what can I do, other than changing the parts in it, because the local camera repair store said they didn't have any parts for point-and-shoot cameras.

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    Change the battery, see what happens. The camera is not worth repairing. Resale value on eBay UK is as low as £10.
    – Tetsujin
    Jan 9 at 18:24
  • The battery seems to be CR123A (which cost around 3 GBP, but with postage may reach the price of the camera on eBay) Jan 9 at 18:43
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    BTW, CR123As seem to have a remarkable life-span. I just checked my 25-year-old 35mm which hasn't had the batteries changed since pre-2000 & there's still enough charge to power the display, though not enough to power the lens. I bought a couple of replacements, prompted by this question - £3.20 for the pair, free delivery.
    – Tetsujin
    Jan 10 at 9:47

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