I currently take photos of paperwork using an SLR mounted to a rostrum stand. I have written my own software which uses the Canon SDK to take photos of the paperwork, recognizing QR codes on the paperwork.

The camera I use is a Canon 5D Mark ii with an L lens. It's total overkill for the job! I'd like to have a camera permanently setup for this purpose, and feel that there might be a domestic point-and-click camera which I could pick up second-hand that would do the job.

Does anyone know a camera that meets the following specs?

  • Take photos of A4 paper at a distance of 30-50cm. (I currently use my 17-40 L lens on the 35mm camera)
  • Can fit to a rostrum with a standard tripod thread.
  • Is powered over USB cable.
  • Has an SDK available that means that I can communicate with the camera over USB or WIFI to take and receive photos remotely?
  • Is inexpensive and available on the secondhand market.
  • Sounds like something a USB webcam could do. Any reason for not considering one? – moodoki Dec 22 '20 at 23:48
  • Yes, it's certainly a possibility. I haven't had great experience with webcam quality generally. I know there are 4k varieties, but I would miss lack of focus control, exposure length control that I'm more likely to find on a digital camera. – Stephen Ellis Dec 23 '20 at 2:49
  • 2
    Somewhere in between and compatible with your software is the entry-level Canon APS-C with a DC coupler (some work off USB power) and a Canon EFS-24mm or EFS-35mm macro lens (or some cheap manual lens from Amazon or else). – xenoid Dec 23 '20 at 7:34

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