I just bought a FujiFilm X-T4, and since it's my first FujiFilm camera I'm still lost in the menus. I found the option where I can set if I want it to focus before shooting or shoot right away: It's called RELEASE/FOCUS PRIORITY and can be found in the AF/MF menu.

Now how can I use a shortcut to quickly change it? I'm used to shoot a Nikon camera where I've set up a shortcut to toggle this option when a "fn" button is pressed.


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You appear to want a button that toggles between release and focus priority. As far as I can tell, this is not currently posslble.

What you can do:

  • Add "Release/Focus Priority" to "My Menu". This will make it a little easier to find and change.
  • Set AF-S to Focus Priority and AF-C to Release Priority, or vice versa. The AF mode becomes a proxy for switching release priority.


  • It appears to also be not possible to add Release/Focus Priority to the Q menu.

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