Currently you can't view Sony A7S3 thumbnails on Macs / Macbooks.

This might seem like a trivial issue, however, for those of us who do large volume shoots in our profession (I'm a real estate photographer)- this is major issue when it comes to efficient work-flow.

I shoot 5-brackets, an average of 300 brackets / photos per home, averaging four homes per day, five days per week. I have to get my photos sorted at the end of the day and then processed or uploaded to my editor so I can have them back to my clients next day. That's 1500 photos per day, in which I have to choose the best 35 photos (175 brackets) to send to my clients. Without Finder, to have to load them in Lightroom, then click on each individual bracket within a set of five, - it could take hours. With using finder, you can split the window and quickly drag and drop to your upload folder. The entire process for one home is about 10 min vs 45 min. Any help or workaround ideas would be appreciated.

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    Welcome Shaner! Can you give us some more details on what you are doing, and what version of MacOS you are currently on? As the a7sIII is still brand new, it could simply be that the finder still lacks support for the files. One solution could be to shoot raw and jpg and then use the jpgs as the previews together with the raws until support is ready. – Kai Mattern Oct 16 at 6:45
  • Hi Shaner, perhaps you can use the auto stack feature of Lightroom to group the brackets as long as the Sony A7sIII is not supported yet in Finder? Also, as Kai already mentioned, it really helps if you could describe a bit more on what you want to achieve (by editing your question). Are you trying to review sets of 5 images and then moving the good sets? – Saaru Lindestøkke Oct 17 at 19:56
  • Thank you to both Kai and Saaru for your good advice and workaround; it's sincerely appreciated. – Shaner Oct 24 at 23:51

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