I am having an issue that I am hoping for help here. I take astro pictures using: Nikon D850 with a Sigma 14mm F1.8 Dg ART lens on a tripod. I usually take a 6-10 images of the the night sky and denoise with a stack in starry landscape stacker (SLS). Every once is a while after stacking in SLS I end up with a photo with grainy ridges and rings. Any idea what could be causing this? The exposure here is ISO 6400 for 13 seconds at F1.8.

Rings in photo bottom left is the most clear


Are you sure you're setting White Balance manually? I think this may be related to differences in Auto White Balance color temperature between the shots.

  • This makes total sense, thank you. I experimented with temps around 4200 and I does not happen. It could very well be the auto white balance. Will check out again this week. Thank you!
    – pce_photo
    Aug 20 '20 at 0:29

This could be, as already pointed out, effects triggered by the initial processing of the images.

The web site has instructions for how they should be pre-processed before loaded into SLS:


In summary, they are:

  • reduce the contrast
  • turn off sharpening and noise reduction
  • apply lens chromatic aberration corrections - but turn off all other lens corrections
  • Set custom white balance
  • Thanks Pete - this was the fix
    – pce_photo
    Sep 20 '20 at 6:29

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