What are the keyboard shortcuts available when in Select and Mask? (PS 2020)

I'm specifically looking for the keyboard shortcut to change from + to - while in Select and Mask (see image attached)

Select and Mask


Same as anything else +/- based in Photoshop, if + is default, then hold Opt ⌥ or Win Alt ⌥ to swap to —

For any selection method, Lasso, Marquee etc., if there's no default as there is in Select and Mask then Shift ⇧ will add, Opt ⌥ will subtract.

  • While this is an answer it is only a temporary solution. One has to continue to hold the key (Opt or Alt) down to use this. I was looking for a one time shortcut that would toggle this. As an example just like the use of 'X' to swap foreground and background colors. – Impendo Company Jul 16 '20 at 23:19

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