I shoot sports events. I am using Canon 1D X Mark III - I am needing to transfer photos to the computer while I am shooting for clients to view. I am currently doing this with the EOS utility - however - its only decent - but not 100% ideal. I know there are sports photographers that do events that have the images transferred on the fly. Other than FTP - which seems somewhat overkill for just myself, is anyone having any success with this? Is there a better software the EOS utility? I have Photo Mechanic - but not sure it will do what I need. Ideally I need to control the folders the images go into on the computer as well? I have a wireless transmitter ordered - hoping that may make the job easier for the EOS utility. I'm curious if anyone else has thoughts?

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    Why "other than FTP"? What seems overkill about FTP? It's a dead simple file transfer protocol that is decades old. – scottbb Jul 13 at 4:43
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    And one more point: ftp protocol is the lightest and fastest file transfer protocol – Romeo Ninov Jul 13 at 6:21
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    @RomeoNinov Certainly not the fastest... in the general case it is far from using the whole available bandwidth. Not a problem when you share the bandwidth but on a dedicated link it shows. I worked for a TV channel and to transfer terabytes of video (so no hope to compress for transport) they used this. – xenoid Jul 13 at 10:03
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    Does this answer your question? Is there a Canon DSLR to transfer photos to a server directly? – Michael C Jul 14 at 0:09
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    @TraciDavneport, would highly recommend you edit your question and add that additional information/detail. Comments are more like footnotes, and can be deleted at any time. They're not for discussion threads. – inkista Jul 14 at 23:26

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