I would like to use the Raspberry pi HQ camera for astrophotography. I have read in the answers and comments on this question that I should be able to use a maximum exposure time of 200 seconds.
This is also stated in the camera guide book (pdf) on page 115:

Shutter speed
--shutter or -ss
Sets the shutter speed to the specified value (in microseconds). The upper limit is around 6000000 µs (6 s) for CM v1; 10000000 µs (10 s) for CM v2; 200000000 µs (200s) for HQ Camera.

Can somebody explain how to use 200s of exposure time? In this answer they mentioned, using sudo rpi-update is enough to unlock this functionality. But after running that command I can't see a difference between photos using the 200s and 10s exposure time.

The solution: I found it on this page.

time ( raspistill -t 10 -md 3 -bm -ex off -ag 1 --shutter 239000000 -ISO 800 -st -o image.jpg )
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    Glad to see you've found a solution (and came back to share it)! Please post it as an answer (and mark it as answered) as that allows people to give you credit for it and improve it if necessary. Sep 16, 2020 at 17:08


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