Olympus has announced they're selling their camera department to JIT, who has said they will continue to build, sell and develop cameras.

What will be the effects - if any - to other camera companies or even people shooting on other systems?

Olympus isn't a particularly major player so I do not expect much, but I do wonder if it is a sign of the times to come.


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Olympus is part of the micro-4/3 consortium also including Panasonic and a number of other manufacturers of both bodies and lenses. The departure of one major player with a long history and reasonable impact and experience may well reduce interest of quality lens manufacturers in catering to this format. Olympus also shared flash foot standards (or non-standards, since there is far too much diversity) with Panasonic. For cameras from a player with less of an established name, the interest in external flashes is likely to be less.

Again, this can affect the availability of third-party products for this format.

The sensor size is not used by a significant number of other systems, so sensor producers might be less interested in supporting this format in the long run as well.

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