Have a new Olympus EM10 Mark III and was trying to use it as a webcam by connecting it to a USB on the computer. When I turn it on it has three options: Storage, MTP, Print, and exit.

I tried using Digicam Controller and OBS Studio but it keeps recognizing as a storage device and not a camera. Online tutorials seem not to mention the three options above. Any advice?


I have an E-M10 III on-hand, and it does not support usage as a webcam.

The E-M5 II and the entire E-M1 range can be operated in a 'tethered' mode, but this functionality does not extend to Oly's beginner E-M10 series.

Some tutorials suggest using an HDMI capture stick, so that you can capture the video out of the camera. This will also not work for the E-M10 III, as Olympus decided to make HDMI only work for the gallery view - not live view. I do believe it has the necessary hardware (as it does share the TruePic VIII with the E-M1 II which is able to do this).

TL;DR: not possible with the E-M10 III because of marketing reasons.

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I will give this a small shot. I have the EM5 MII, but if you have your manual, try looking in the Video Out section, and HDMI settings. You will want to use NTSC instead of PAL output setting if you are in the US. In the Video Out>Control Settings>iAuto>Live Guide or Live Control under the iAuto menu. There also will be the Scene menu and the P/A/S/M menu. I can't seem to find the reference but, it seems to me you will have to use another connector than the USB. It may be the HDMI or an audio/video cable. If I am too far off on this, I will take my punishment as needed. Good shooting.

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As the other answers state, the E-M10 III is not capable of "clean" HDMI output nor USB tethered liveview.

While I know there's a youtube video about using digiCamControl and OBS as a webcam solution touting it as a solution for any camera, the problem is that guy's using a Sony camera. The title lies.

digiCamControl relies on a camera's ability to do tethered liveview. And they do publish a list of supported cameras, which includes zero Olympus bodies. So, even if the E-M10 III did do USB tethered liveview, digiCamControl wouldn't be your solution.

OBS is a streaming studio application that can take any window (or window area) on your computer and, if you install the correct OBS virtual camera plugin for your operating system, can turn that into a webcam source.

So, if you can find an application for your computer that displays a clean liveview from your camera's sensor, then you can use the OBS solution. But AFAIK, Olympus does not supply any such application for its users (the ones they do have are either for four-thirds cameras, or (mostly) the latest E-M1 series).

And, given that your camera doesn't do USB tethering, then possibly your only solution would be if there were some way to send that liveview to your computer over the camera's wi-fi: something similar to the Olympus Image Share app, but on your computer instead of your phone and that doesn't draw control overlays over the image. Good luck finding it.

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This is possible.

You simply need a HDMI cable (and a video capture device, £9.99 version from amazon is fine, if your mac doesn't have a HDMI input slot). Go to menu on the camera and make sure HMDI control is turned off, then connect the camera and it should work perfectly and just give you the option for USB Video Input on Zoom.

You'll have the tweak the camera settings to hide all the info stats.


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