I am trying to find the height of a drone using the camera only. I can calculate the distance of the object top and bottom. Object is a square platform with width=0.2m. I used the equation provided by this article: https://www.pyimagesearch.com/2015/01/19/find-distance-camera-objectmarker-using-python-opencv/

Now, i am writing a program for a small drone, is there a way to calculate the height of it using the distances shown in the image below? The platform is always sitting straight as shown in the image. FOV of the camera = 82.6 degrees

enter image description here

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Assuming your distances are accurate, you have two right triangles:

  1. Drone, point on ground below drone (H), bottom corner of platform
  2. Drone, point 20cm above ground below drone(H-h), top corner of platform

Using Pythagoras theorem, with D the distance between ground track of drone and platform:

  1. H²+D²=distance2²
  2. (H-h)²+D²=distance1²

You substract both sides: 2*H*h-h²=distance2²-distance1²

I'll let you extract H from that because it is to complicated to write in markdown :)

But I would be surprised if your distance were accurate enough

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