As showcased in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHSmT5I3vP0), there is a button on the Canon camera (Canon 5DS R) which allows the user to zoom into a live view on LCD.

Magnify button in circle

I have highlighted the button in a screen grab of the video above. When the user presses the magnify button, the area in the rectangle will occupy the full area of the LCD, as in the following:

Magnify button effect

Is there an equavalent function in Fujifilm Xt20?


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Focus assist should be available when pressing the button on the rear command dial.

Focus Zoom If ON is selected for AF/MF SETTING > FOCUS CHECK, the camera will automatically zoom in on the selected focus area when the focus ring is rotated.

If STANDARD or FOCUS PEAK HIGHLIGHT is selected for AF/MF SETTING > MF ASSIST, zoom can be adjusted by rotating the rear command dial.


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