I've recently started developing my own colour film with the Tetenal C-41 kit. After scanning with my Epson V600 I've noticed that some of my frames have these blocky marks on them (see a few that I've circled in red below).

I've developed two rolls so far, one at 30°C and this one at 38°C, but some frames from both rolls have these blemishes on them.

Are these simply small water spots, or some kind of problem in my developing or scanning process?

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    These look like some kind of scanning artifact to me. They definitely don't look like water spots. Just to be sure, have you examined the negatives with a loupe? – Kahovius Apr 29 at 12:42
  • @Kahovius Good point. I’ll need to invest in a loupe to double check, but I’ll try re-scanning first. Perhaps it’s Epson’s dust removal feature that’s introducing these artifacts. – Alex Rozanski Apr 30 at 18:05

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