I'm working on a plant store website. Usually, for product photos we use a green screen background, so that we can remove the background and use any background we want for the product. But for plants I'm gessing this isn't an option, because we won't be able to remove the colour green without affecting the plant itself.

Therefore what colour would you recommend to use for the screen background of the photos, so that it can later be easily removed ?

Thanks very much !

  • probably any color that doesn't have much green in it. You could try bluescreen since they are commonly available – Jonas Apr 28 at 18:42
  • Check this out; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complementary_colors maybe it can help! – s.k Apr 28 at 18:53
  • Plants can be of any color (flowers...) but there is always some color, so a neutral gray could be your best bet. Yes, there are white petals, bit these can also be distinguished from gray. – xenoid Apr 28 at 21:18

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