I have a Nikon D5600. I must have changed a setting and don't know how to make the grid overlay go away when viewing photos; i.e., a black screen with "longitude and latitude lines," which I don't want, overlaying the photo.

I am new to this camera and trying to learn how to get correct settings for normal telephoto pics. I want to use manual mode, not automatic mode.

What would cause this screen to appear after taking a photo? (This just happened today when trying to changing settings, some of which I don't understand.)

How do I change this setting back to view normal photos?

  • Do you mean a grid pattern overlay ? Do you have the user manual ? Have you scrolled through the menu settings to find user preferences regarding viewfinder ? First thing you should do is learn to understand your camera by reading the manual and doing online research. And practicing what you have read. – Alaska Man Apr 24 '20 at 21:18
  • What is "normal telephoto pics" ? Do you understand what manual mode is and how to adjust the settings on your camera based on the information given to you by taking a meter reading ? There is no universal "correct settings for normal telephoto pics" Settings needed will be based on the amount of light in the scene, the distance to the subject, the lens and the characteristics that you want in the photo ( depth of field, highlights, shadows, to name a few ) Questions are easier to answer if you explain in detail what you have done and any/all info you can think to add. – Alaska Man Apr 24 '20 at 21:44
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    Take a photo of it with your phone & add to your question. The view options on Nikon are accessed by clicking the 4-way+OK button to the right of the screen up or down, but I don't recognise from your description which view that might be. – Tetsujin Apr 25 '20 at 7:43

Look for the word "grid" in the section of your camera's reference manual that covers how to view/review images on your camera after shooting them. Almost all digital interchangeable lens cameras have an option to turn on or off a grid pattern when viewing images on the camera's LCD screen.

If the issue you are describing is occuring when you're looking through the viewfinder to compose a photo, then look for "viewfinder grid display".


You can do two things:

First check if switching through the view modes when pressing up and down while reviewing a picture already cycles through one mode that shows the picture without additional elements.

Additionally, you can set the grid in MENU - Custom Settings (the one with the small pencil) - Viewfinder Grid Settings. You can also set the info you see in the viewfinder and the live view with the info button.


The grid should only show up if you go into the retouch menu and select straighten. I'm not finding any other selection to cause that.


I have no idea why people thought it was necessary to edit the original question to ask something it doesn't ask. There was no mention of a grid overlay in the original question because no grid was being asked about. The "latitude and longitude lines" in the original question don't imply a grid, they imply the location information box (which displays the latitude and longitude)>

The solution is to use the directional controller in playback mode, as detailed in other answers.

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