Since I can't afford Lightroom, I figured I would use darktable. As I wanted to import my RAW - files (in CR3) I realized that darktable doesn't support them. Is there a way I can still get my RAW - files into darktable?

Thanks in advance

  • You could use Adobe Camera RAW to convert your files into DNGs. However, there might be drawbacks. – Kai Mattern Feb 21 at 16:19
  • @KaiMattern There are definitely drawbacks if you ever plan to use an application that uses the data in the "maker notes" section of the EXIF info, such as Canon's own Digital Photo Professional 4. Adobe products strip most of the "maker note" section when it converts/exports images. – Michael C Feb 21 at 18:29
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    Have you considered using Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4? It's free and updates can be downloaded from the Canon website in your geographic region. DPP 4 is fully compatible with all .cr2 and .cr3 files from every Canon camera. It's much better than a lot of folks who have spent 5 minutes with it so they can pretend to know more than everyone else on the internet like to say it is. – Michael C Feb 21 at 18:31
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    @MichaelC DPP isn't bad but there is no Linux version, and it's a bit too Canon-only (AFAIK there is no correction for my Sigma lenses, for instance). – xenoid Feb 21 at 20:12
  • RawTherapee has a Linux version and nowadays it has partial support for .CR3. It lacks .CR3 metadata, though, but I suspect that feature is coming soon. But agree, DPP for Canon lenses is better than RawTherapee and darktable. – juhist Feb 21 at 20:22

The CR3 raw format is relatively new (introduced with Canon's mirrorless line, and produced by any camera using the DIGIC 8 or later chipsets). As such, not all non-Canon software can support the format yet. It may take some time before your favorite applications support it. Until then, you can use the Canon software that came with your camera.

Looking at the source code repo, it appears that Darktable started recognizing CR3 files (but not loading them) around the v2.6.0 timeframe. Latest version available is v3.1.0, but still apparently does not have full support. Although some other open-source projects (libraw) have finally added some level of support in the last few months.

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  • Just as with .cr2 files (and .nef or other manufacturers' file formats), applications must have specific information about each camera model. An application could theoretically handle .cr3 files from one camera but not from another until the database is updated to include the newest models. – Michael C Feb 21 at 18:33

Thanks you guys for your answers! I ultimately decided to download Adobe Camera Raw in order to convert them to DNG files as @KaiMattern has pointed out, albeit with drawbacks :D

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personnellement j'utilise DPP pour convertir le CR3 au format TIFF, puis je traite avec Darktable. la convertion CR3 au format DNG n'est pas visible dans Darktable non plus

In English (roughly):

Personally, I use DPP to convert CR3 to TIFF format, then I work with Darktable. Converting CR3 to DNG isn't available in Darktable either.

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  • Welcome to this site. Please note that this site is English only. – Kai Mattern Mar 26 at 7:51

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