I have approx 20 layers in a .psd file. Suddenly when I create a new layer I am not able to get a solid color, meaning I use 100% opacity but still get very light color?

The red color in picture is what I get when creating a new layer and add a color, the only thing I do. I have tried all kinds of things but not been successful.

After tests I get the correct color when I create a rectangle but still what is on the picture when using the brush!

The result.


Finally, after a lot of tests and search I found a solution: Reset the Brush tool!

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    probably had a blend mode set on the brush – LightBender Feb 13 '20 at 21:13
  • tx for comment, dunno that but will check next time it happens. – PeterK Feb 16 '20 at 16:13

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