Maybe this question was ask before, but now is 2020 and maybe there is something new on the internet :))

I take burst mode photos with my camera. But they are so hard to sort, because of the amount of images. Also I work on Lightroom Classic, and my computer can't handle so many photos opened once. What I am searching for is software or a script that can/will group photos that were taken between an interval of seconds (5 second for example) and put them in one folder.

For example, if there are 30 photos, and the first one was taken at 10:10:15, the 10th one at 10:10:20 and the other ones were take after 10:10:21. It this case, there will be two folders, one with photos between 10:10:15 and 10:10:20, and the second folder with the rest.

I know that Lightroom has a similar feature, but it doesn't help me, I need folders :))

Thank you in advance!

(or maybe a software that scan similar photos, and photos that look like each other are put it in different folders, idk )

  • It would be useful to specify your OS, even if it can be assumed to be Windows since it's missing. And do your files keep the shooting timestamp when they are imported or do they get reset to the time of import? – xenoid Feb 10 at 7:16
  • Yep Windows :)) sorry about that And yes, it keeps the timestamp – bargastef Feb 11 at 13:20

Adobe Bridge may not automatically stack sequences, but it can be used to create stacks and then carry out operations on those stacks. I'm assuming (untested) that this includes moving them to new directories.

Adobe Bridge is free, and a lot faster than Lightroom when viewing thumbnails. You don't need to import images, it simply operates on the filesystem.

This doesn't solve your entire issue, since I don't think it'll do the stacking automatically (it will for Panorama or HDR, but I'm not sure if the HDR will catch your burst sequences).

  • ok I will try it – bargastef Feb 11 at 13:21

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