This theme challenges you to find beauty in unexpected places. Appreciating it not only in spite of imperfections, but perhaps even because of them.

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    This theme was suggested by @LightBender. I think it fits well with the Valentine's Day end of contest. – scottbb Jan 31 at 22:18
  • Of course, after V-day and this one, the logical next theme would be complimentary/mutually completing/juxtaposed things :) – rackandboneman Feb 5 at 0:53
  • Great to see all the contributions. Should there be a size restriction or guidance beyond the 2MiB limit from uploading? In terms of pixels how big should an image be? I ask because I feel my portrait oriented picture takes up a lot of screen space. It uploaded at it's full 10MB due to all that white compressing heavily but I reduced it to 1080 pixels on the shortest side and it's still huge due to the orientation. – dmkonlinux Feb 10 at 18:49
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    Theme: Antici....pation -- Dedicated to that quiet moment just before things happen. – LightBender Feb 11 at 4:08
  • @LightBender nice... – scottbb Feb 11 at 4:42

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enter image description here

Razor Wire, Wiesbaden, Feb 4, 2020

Note: Looks like selective color when viewed at a small size. None applied. Just odd, found lighting and camera settings happening to be a little on the weird side from previous night photography....

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  • That is odd - but pretty darn cool too – Hueco Feb 5 at 0:03
  • Wiesbaden? Christ, that's halfway around the corner... – Alexander von Wernherr Feb 6 at 13:27

Imperfect symmetry. Chinatown, NYC. Jan 26, 2020. Imperfect symmetry. Chinatown, NYC.

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Metallophone (glockenspiel?) with missing key.

The Sensory Garden, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK, May 2018.

enter image description here

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    This post and your username fit well together – Hueco Feb 10 at 6:49
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    This is not a xylophone. Xylophone has wooden bars by definition. This is rather a kind of glockenspiel. – Zeus Feb 11 at 2:26
  • @Zeus you're right, xylo, - wood, phone - sound; but in colloquially, people seem to gravitate towards xylophone as a description for almost all keyboard-like percussion played with mallets. (Don't get me wrong, it drives me nuts when people call a marimba a xylophone, but they just don't know better) =) – scottbb Feb 11 at 5:04
  • I really like the composition of this photo. I think it embodies the theme perfectly. (To be fair, as a former percussionist, this hit close to home for me. So I might have been biased towards it). – scottbb Feb 11 at 5:08
  • @Zeus - Edited. Thanks - lazy terminology on my part. – ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere Feb 11 at 8:39

enter image description here

Alice Chalmers Loader in snow. Feb 5 2011

Polaroid Type55 negative shot with Pinhole camera.

Contact printed, Lith Print.

Straight scan of the print, B&W 5x7 silver gelatin paper. ( no post production coloring.)

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    Sweet detail with the perf sheet! – rackandboneman Feb 6 at 19:09


07/01/2020, Rome.

enter link description here

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    what's the problem with this photo? it is not correct to put -1 without a justified reason. – Kinka-Byo Feb 1 at 2:12
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    Yeap, and the rules say that no voting down on posts. I edited the post to show the photo. There is a chance that was the reason for the downvote. – Rafael Feb 1 at 5:36
  • Thank you very much, the photo is not seen directly each time I use my stack app :( – Kinka-Byo Feb 1 at 6:07
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    Sorry, I wrote 02 instead of 01! – Kinka-Byo Feb 3 at 2:08
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    Aww.... and I was so impressed that you'd managed to take a picture in the future... :) – LightBender Feb 3 at 16:21

enter image description hereA shopping trolly dumped in a pond Northampton, UK. 06/02/2020

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Imperfect Cyclamen Flower

Imperfect Cyclamen Flower

A dying flower captured with Olympus E-520, legacy OM 50mm f1.8 lens and 20mm extension tube, two flash one lighting a white background.

1/40sec f8 iso400

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enter image description here

Industrial remnants. Arts District, LA. July 23rd 2019

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A bar at Hotel Valcartier, in Quebec, Canada. 12/21/2019 enter image description here

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Non-Starter, Mayence, 02/08/2020

Non-Starter, Mayence, 02/08/2020

Station clock that seems to have a broken flourescent starter - the illumination looks like it is from the start phase of the flourescent tube, giving much weaker and also very different lighting (allowing the architectural detail to not be blacked out completely).

A7s, ISO 20000, 1/160s, Leitz 180mm/f3.4 wide open, too little time to perfect it since there were rowdy persons around....

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