I turned on the modeling flash option in my Nikon D80

It makes my built in flash into a temporary flashlight when I hold down the Depth OF Field button. Both the aperture stops down and the flash is turned on at the same time (for a limited time) to preview the shot.

What freaks me out is. The flash gives faintish taser sounds when I use that option.

  • Not sure what "modeling flash" is, but it sounds like your flash is doing an AF assist where it will quickly flash a few times to help your camera focus. – Robin Jan 10 at 18:51
  • @Robin it turns the flash to an temporary flashlight when I hold down DOF button to see composition better. – Delta Oscar Uniform Jan 10 at 18:53

A modeling flash is not a continous light but a sputtering flash. So you get a lot of high voltage discharges in a short time span. "Faintish taser sounds" to me sounds like you are getting a pretty good deal already: usually the sound is a lot like arcing. If you need a separate focus light, a reasonably bright and focused LED flashlight may be a good idea to carry around. Modeling flash is more what you use in a pinch.

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The sound is normal. The flash is rapidly firing at super low power so you can see what the effect of the full flash will be. I never use the feature myself.

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