I have a Lumix G7 with a Panasonic H-FS 1442A and I want to mount it to a telescope with a 1.25" eyepiece size.

I know I can get a Micro Four Thirds adapter and mount it straight to the telescope, but that means the lens is not involved.

Is there any way to mount it including the lens?

This would allow me to still have autofocus and be able to zoom a bit too.

The lens has a 46mm filter inner thread, and some kind of outer attachment mount that I haven't been able to identify.

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Using the lens is not worth it

  • Your auto-focus won't work too well on a night sky (for focus, nothing beats manual focus on a zoomed live-view)
  • You are very likely to create optical aberrations
  • You are going to suspend your lens+camera to the filter thread of the lens, which isn't meant to carry that kind of weight.

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