Looking at geared tripod heads it seems that the Arca Swiss Cube is the yardstick. There is a version of the Cube with gears for the panning motion as well as tilt/yaw link to article called the Cube GP (Geared Panning).

Now the Cube is out of my price range (and also is bigger and supports more weight than I need) so while looking at alternatives I came across Leofoto G2 which is a MUCH cheaper and lighter alternative to the cube but this lacks the geared panning.

Is there separate Geared Panning plates out there that I could buy? I have searched for such a product but my google fu is weak.

The intended use case is precision framing using a long macro lens (for example Sigma 100-300mm f4 with extension tubes) but I will mostly do other kinds of photography so I want a compact head and not one with large handles sticking out ruling out Benro GD3WH and similar heads.

  • Are you adverse to a single-axis motion controller? The Syrp Genie Mini comes to mind.
    – scottbb
    Jan 8 '20 at 3:40
  • @scottbb I had envisioned a non electronic solution, if that turns out not to exist I will have to rethink.
    – lijat
    Jan 8 '20 at 7:25

There are a few available.

Feisol PB-70

enter image description here

The base in 70 mm wide with a 3/8"-16 UNC socket. The top is 60 mm wide, with a 3/8"-16 UNC stud. This is intended to be the panning base below other mounts, such as pan/tilt or ball heads. This should be mounted on a leveled tripod, or on top of a leveling base.

Sunwayfoto GC-01 geared clamp

enter image description here

The base diameter is 58 mm. Comes with a detachable Arca-style QR plate for the bottom. Does not come with an Arca-style top plate. This is intended to be the panning base/clamp on top of a ball head.

  • 2
    The sunwayfoto gc-01 apears to be exactly what I was searching for. Thanks
    – lijat
    Jun 7 '20 at 5:43
  • i have both the cube and the leofoto and they are both great, Cube is the best. the leofoto is good only for architecture as it has only 15deg or swing/tilt
    – Francesco
    Jan 16 at 23:54

I'm not aware of a separate manual geared base available. There is the Photo Clam Mutliflex which is a cheaper version of the Cube.

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