My Canon EOS R has a feature called Dual Pixel Raw. From my understanding, each pixel on the sensor is split in two and the stored as two parallel Raw files in one "physical" file. Specialized software like Canon Digital Photo Professional can then pull extra detail out of the Dual Pixel Raw file.

But what about a "regular" Raw file from the EOS R? Does it contain the combined value for each of the dual pixels?

Or is there a Main and a Secondary Pixel in the Dual pixel pairs?

  • Have you even tried searching? Google comes up with a number of articles discussing it, testing it, evaluating the results, etc... all on the first page. – twalberg Dec 23 '19 at 15:09
  • Yes, I did. And found the explanation I started out with. But the I still haven't found an explanation to how the dual pixel is handled with regular Raw files. As a combined value, or just the Main value. – John Sørensen Dec 23 '19 at 15:37

There are no "Main" and "Secondary" photosites (a/k/a sensels or pixel wells) on a dual pixel sensor. There are only "left" and "right" photosites for each location. When a raw file is saved without preserving the discrete information from each one, the two values are combined in a single value recorded in the raw file.

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