My wife and I both use Pixel3a phones so we are not always sure which one took which photo. Is it possible to embed some information into the exif data on one camera for use later as id. thanks

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    Please clarify: you said your and your wife both use the same model phones (plural), correct? Do you swap phones? Why is it that one person's phone doesn't contain only the photos that person took? Do you share online photo credentials?
    – scottbb
    Dec 14 '19 at 23:39
  • The exif data should have some phone-specific info. Have you take a look?
    – BobT
    Dec 15 '19 at 1:42
  • ... phone-specific info... like serial number.
    – xiota
    Dec 15 '19 at 2:48

You can use a tool called exiftool (link) it has a command line interface that allows you to modify image tags and metadata. One particular tag you can use to distinguish between 2 devices could be the copyright tag or the CopyrightNotice tag, here is an example of what you could do:

exiftool -rights="Person 1" image_0.jpg

Or even the author meta tag:

exiftool -XMP-dc:Creator="Person 2" image_0.jpg

Here is a list of most if not all EXIF tags among other tags that you can set using exiftool

  • I'm guessing that both phones automatically upload the photos to the same cloud account (e.g. Google Photos). Once there, they are already shuffled together and it's too late to add EXIF tags. ¶ I think the real question is how to configure each phone to add an identifying tag. ¶ I don't know about this one, but some devices can be configured to automatically add Copyright tags or to set a prefix for the filename. May 11 '21 at 12:45

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