I am trying to use the Lytro Power Tools developer package to create images at different focal depths. I have a Lytro Illum light field camera which outputs the image as an LFR file. I have Lytro Power Tools installed using the manual.

Based on my current interpretation of the manual, I should be able to enter

lfptool raw -i image_file.LFR --focus FLOAT

into the command line. However, when I enter this, it ignores the focus command and just unpacks the LFR file into a folder.


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FLOAT in your command represents the type of data that should follow the argument, a floating-point number. Just like -i PATH means -i <the path to the image file>, the --focus argument expects something like --focus 0.786 or similar.

I have no idea what an actual useful value might look like as I have no idea about the specific thing you're trying to do and I have no idea how to use these specific tools. But I do use a lot of command line utilities in my day job.


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