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I don't have much experience with photography. I've been watching a bunch of videos on using gels and led lights. I'm just trying to figure out the best/ cheapest way a rookie can go about getting this shot. Thank you!

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Samantha: Stop watching a bunch of videos about gels and gear and whatever. Get a victim... I mean, a model, and experiment. If you can not get another person to model, learn how to use a timer on your camera and take self-portraits.

What do you see on the image? The light is clearly red, so get any transparent or translucent red thing. A bag, a Coke sticker or some cellophane paper.

Just take some precautions not starting a fire because the lamp may get hot.

But the red color is not really important.

You can take a grayscale image and tweak the curves to look similar

enter image description here.

Image from here

But most important: Where do you see the light coming from? The shadows show that it is behind and below.

So take one lamp and put it behind you, take a picture, move it and take another image.

You probably need another lamp, so get another and put them behind you and keep taking images.

A rough diagram of the location of the lights:

enter image description here

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