What lens adapter would I use to attach a Vivitar Series 1 lens to a Nikon D5300?


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Your camera body uses a variant of the Nikon F mount, which has the longest Flange Focal Distance of any commonly used 35mm SLR mount.

You will be able to fully use the lens with your camera only if it also uses the Nikon F mount. Otherwise, even if you do find an adapter, the lens would lose infinity focus, which would make it useless for anything other than close-up photography.

Vivitar Series 1 lenses are commonly found for the following mounts:

  • Nikon N/AI – This is a variant of the F mount that should work with your camera.
  • Canon FL/FD
  • Konica AR
  • M42
  • Minolta M/MD
  • Olympus OM
  • Pentax K

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