I have a Canon AE-1 Program with a missing rewind crank. Can't find a replacement anywhere online, thinking of trying to rig something on my own. There is a threaded hole in the center of the ASA selector where the crank would go. What size bolt/thread would fit in there?

Also, in case I just want to buy a whole bunch of sizes to test, do Canon cameras use metric or imperial bolts?

enter image description here


So i went ahead and ordered a bunch of metric machine screw sizes in the hopes that one would work.

Turns out a 3mm X .5mm will fit nicely.


You should be able to find multiple listings for the part if you search your favorite auction site for "Canon rewind". Parts for the AE-1 appear to be fairly expensive, so it might be cheaper to purchase a broken camera. The rewind crank from another model may be compatible, since many of them look the same.

Some camera stores have junk piles you can look through.

If you still wish to fashion a makeshift crank, you can measure the diameter with calipers. However, it's unlikely you'll find any camera-compatible parts at hardware stores, aside from 1/4" screws, which fit tripod mounts.

The following resources may be helpful, though they do not state part sizes.


Should be metric. To be safe, take the camera with you when you go to the hardware store.

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