I was just about to make calibration files for my Tamron 90mm SP but according to lensfun it was added in 1.613 (there is only one SP 90mm and it's the same as the one I have in EXIF). How can I check which version I have on my Fedora? And possibly how to update lensfun library?

I want this for Darktable, which I think it's using lens fun database (according to lensfun website). But it don't detect that lens with calibration module.

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    No need to update lensfun itself, you can ask it to update its database , see here for instructions. Other wise you can use yum info {package ) to list the version of an installed package. – xenoid Aug 17 '19 at 9:30
  • @xenoid but the database isn't remote, isn't it? So it in to be installed and if I have old I need to update. Calling lensfun‑update‑data don't work - file not found. – jcubic Aug 18 '19 at 9:09

I am not sure how to check the lensfun version, but you can update the lensfun database using the following command:

$ lensfun-update-data

Please note that you must have the lensfun-tools package installed in order for the above command to work. lensfun-tools can be installed with this command:

$ sudo dnf install lensfun-tools

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