I had open my lens of Canon EOS m50 while I am on a ferry to a local island near by. Once I reach home I saw few spots on sensor which doesn't look like dust. I used swabs and cleaned the sensor it become clean but even if I took pictures on high aparture value like f20 and above I can see light spots still exist and which I am not able to remove using wet cleaning. Any idea what should I do now? enter image description here enter image description here

So here I have 2 images. First one taken on f30 of my white kitchen wall and same image I did a dehaze in light room. After dehaze the dots are visible. Image taken on f32 enter image description here Image taken on f14 enter image description here

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    I'd give cleaning another try after filtering the air in the work area. I also wouldn't use F-numbers higher than F8, unless there is a specific reason to do so (aside from demonstrating sensor dust). You can also try the "Dust Delete Data" function. – xiota Aug 15 at 3:42