First, I am using my Canon Camera 6Dmark2. I have a two flashes: one is the Godox V860IIC and a Canon Flash 600 EX-RT. I also have a wireless trigger Godox XProC. I can easily trigger the Godox Flash with my Godox trigger using channel 1 group A for the flash and having that set on the trigger. Now, the problemo is how to get the Canon flash to trigger as well! I can't seem to understand the manual for the Godox X2Tc and I thought I had to have this in order to get the canon flash to go off. Does anyone know how to do this?? I have been searching high and low on Google and Youtube and can't figure it out. Normally, I am pretty swift with technical material, this one eludes me. Thank you!


Your XPro-C and X2T-C Godox triggers speak a different "language" than the radio receiver in the Canon 600EX-RT flash. You can't control the 600EX-RT directly via radio with a Godox trigger.

To control the 600EX-RT with your Godox transmitters you need a compatible Godox receiver attached to the hot foot of the Canon flash. The only such receiver available is the X1R-C.

The X2T-C has a bluetooth receiver, but that is only for using select smartphones to control the X2T-C via the Godox app. It's not capable of acting as a receiver for other Godox triggers.

Be sure the channel numbers on the XPro-C and the V860II-C (or any X1R-C receiver you are using attached to another flash) match. All wireless ID numbers should also match.¹

¹ You may need to turn wireless ID to "off" on all devices to get things to work with the V860II-C, which does not appear to support wireless ID.

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  • downvote because "The new Godox X2T-C is a transceiver that can be used as either a transmitter or receiver." is incorrect. It's a transmitter, no receiver function. The only receiver unit in the Godox X system is the X1R. – inkista Oct 19 '19 at 6:47
  • @inkista I'm pretty sure I read somewhere (probably a seller's description) that the X2T-C could also be used as a receiver. I can't find that reference now. The description I remember was probably done in error based on the X2T's ability to act as a receiver for remote shutter release. I'll edit the answer to reflect the correction. – Michael C Oct 19 '19 at 22:04

The 600EX-RT requires a Godox X1R-C receiver on its foot to work in the Godox X radio system. The X2T you purchased is a dedicated transmitter unit, like the XPro.

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