Epson scanner app (for V600) scanner let us scan the image with 6 type of output. See the below table:

enter image description here

What's the best format I should use to get maximum editing ability in Lightroom?


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The only two viable options in the list are JPEG and TIFF.

  • JPEG is fine for lossy compression, 8-bit/channel color, and smaller file sizes. I would use JPEG for paper originals that will not be heavily edited.

  • TIFF supports 16-bit/channel images with lossless compression that can hold up better against extensive editing, but files tend to be very large. I would use TIFF for film originals.

  • PNG is not in your list, but most scanner software do support it. Like TIFF, they support high bit-depth color and lossless compression. Files are usually a bit smaller than TIFF, but also take longer to process.

The following formats should be avoided:

  • BMP and PCT – Platform specific formats that are usually not compressed. While they might work fine with Lightroom, you're just asking for problems later by using them.

  • PDF – Document format that is capable of storing images, but not suitable for editing.

  • Multi-TIFF – Like PDF, this format is intended for storing scanned multi-page documents. Image editors usually don't work well with multi-page documents.


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