I've bought the K70 with the DAL 18- 50 WR some time ago. I'm still really new to photography and don't have much knowledge yet about it. In almost two weeks I'm going to Iceland and I'm planning to take as many photos as possible and I want to learn a lot about photography. I guess this will be a great opportunity to also take some great landscape photos.

This leads to my question: Which lens(es) would you recommend me? I've looked through many forum threads and found a lot of advice but still couldn't find "the one" to buy.

Buying used is no problem for me as I'm planning to spend not too much (preferably to be under 400€ if 2 lenses or around 300€ if 1 lens for almost everything)

I'm also considering to buy a tripod, I've read that many people recommended it.

Thank you for your time and help.



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    You can't find "the one" because there is no such thing. If there were, all of those other lenses wouldn't be on the market. Each is "the one" for someone. – mattdm Jul 29 at 13:30
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    Tripod, tripod, tripod! – chili555 Jul 29 at 22:07

I used a 16-35 f/4 for 90% of my shots during my last trip to Iceland. An 85 f/1.2 for the rest.

What’s more important than lenses for landscape is: tripod, polarizing filter, neutral density filters, remote shutter release.

Don’t put the cart before the horse - your 18-50 should give you a decent range to play with. Before looking at other lenses, make sure you have these accessories.


18mm (24mm FF) isn't great but okay. I have two wider ones (Sigma 8-16mm) and a Sigma 20mm on my FF K-1, whose field of view is closely equivalent to a 12mm on your APS-C camera.

An alternative would would be to bring a sturdy tripod, one that you can hang a weight from its center to steady it better, and then take multiple panoramic photos that you stitch together later on a PC. Should work well for landscape pics where there are no or few moving objects. And make sure to turn on vignette correction in-camera or perform it manually before you stitch them, or the results will be unsatisfying. I suggest you try this at home to see if that's a viable option for you. There are some fairly useful travel tripods around a 100 bucks. But for the panoramic shooting you'll need a head on the tripod that lets you swivel the camera without it tilting. So, a simple ballhead is not working for this. Instead, find one that has a separate axle for horizontal panning.

Also: Night shots! Another good reason to bring a tripod.

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