I was wondering if someone can help me out in finding which speedlites I can use on a Canon 4000D, as this camera does not have a centre connection on it.


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Canon's own EX speedlights should all be compatible, if not fully compatible. The official word from Canon on their brochures and websites for the bodies without the sync contact is:

Speedlites other than the EX-series or non-Canon flash units cannot be used. Not all functions of the Canon EX-series flashes are supported.


In April/May 2019, Godox released firmware updates for compatibility with the T7 (aka 2000D, 1500D) and T100 (aka 3000D, 4000D) for their following units:

  • TT350-C mini speedlight
  • V350-C li-on mini speedlight
  • TT685-C speedlight
  • V860 II-C li-on speedlight
  • X1T-C transmitter
  • XPro-C transmitter

The SL3/250D, appears to remain problematic. The X1T and XPro transmitters have both received firmware updates for compatibility with it, but none of the speedlights have. There are, however, reports that putting a speedlight on top of a mounted X1T or X2T transmitter works.


Yongnuo has issued similar compatibility updates for:

  • YN-565C III
  • YN-586C III
  • YN-685C

Nissin, Sigma, Metz

Nissin's compatibility chart lists all their gear as fully compatible with the T7.

Sigma's and Metz's tables haven't (yet) been updated to include the T7/T100.

General guidelines

I would also say that (obviously) single-pin/Manual-only transmitters/flashes like the Amazon Basics/Neewer TT560, Yongnuo YN-560 series, Yongnuo RF-60x triggers, LumoPro LP180, etc. won't work with a hotshoe without the sync contact.

Flashes with a built-in radio trigger, however, probably can be synced off-camera, if the transmitter can do TTL and is compatible with the new hotshoe. And any built-in optical triggering will still work.

Early testers in this dpreview thread mention incompatibility with Simpex 522, Nissin Di622, Yongnuo YN685 and RF-603, Neewer NW-670, and Godox gear. So, if you are looking at firmware-updateable 3rd-party TTL gear, I would look to see if a firmware update has been issued specifically for this issue. If not, I'd assume incompatibility unless you can find someone who reports differently.

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All canon EX speedlites should work.

I have 2000D with the crippled hot-shoe too, and 580EX II and 430EX III-RT both work. The 580EX II is an older speedlite than the camera, so you are not restricted to only speedlites released after the camera was released.

I am also able to trigger both speedlites with ST-E2 optical trigger. I presume the ST-E3-RT radio trigger should also work with the speedlites having RT functionality.

Does e.g. Nissin or Metz work? I don't know. You should be very careful when purchasing third-party speedlites, because there's always a danger that they don't work with your camera.

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