I have an old film Canon ftb. It was working fine but suddenly after taking a picture, the shutter fails to "spring back" and the viewfinder remains black. For a while I could give the camera a little knock and it would spring back. I can also loosen the lens a little and it springs back.

If I shoot without the lens on, it springs back no problem. So it's something to do with the lens.

What's happening here? Is it a lens or camera setting – something I did? Or is it just broken/needs cleaning? I can't seem to search the right terms to bring up this problem on an older film camera.


Right after I posted this I looked close at the mirror inside the body and it had slipped a little and was a little askew. Pushing this back into place fixed the problem. I'm guessing it was hitting the lens on its way back and that prevented it from closing.

  • It is time to take it to a repair shop for a C.L.A. Clean, Lubricate, Adjust.
    – Alaska Man
    Jun 9 '19 at 16:35

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