Getting records from the courthouse. They charge $1/page to print which is utterly insane but will let you discreetly take pictures of the computer screen instead.

I have my iPhone and the pictures are usually readable but there are always lines or rgb dots that show up. Is there a technique or anything you’d recommend to take better pictures?

And yes, I’ve already looked into uploading documents from the computer itself. The computer is on a network whitelist. It can access the court website and nothing else. Also it’s run on a vm on top of a basic windows pc. So it’s not an option to have a flash drive.

Here’s an example of a picture I’ve taken.

enter image description here

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    Be very, very, very careful taking photos of anything in a court setting unless you've cleared it with your lawyer first that it's OK.
    – Philip Kendall
    Jun 3 '19 at 12:42

The effect is called moire. You can easily avoid it by taking deliberately defocused photos.

Start by framing a slightly bigger picture and holding your finger on the screen until AF/AE LOCK appears: enter image description here

Taking a photo at this moment would give us the well known unwanted pattern, so don't do it: enter image description here

Instead, move the phone a few inches closer for the final framing and shoot: enter image description here Moire is no more! :-)

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